I’m reposting because I forgot to tag so I think it got lost. Hope to get some discussion going.

I am now really glad Shonda gave us the band aid info. It gives me a different take on the Episode 1 sides. My instinct, at one time, would be to think they would ignore the…

I can actually see Callie have the attitude of “pfft”, her confidence in her and Arizona’s relationship strong. But, I do believe once they really get into a session, her walls will fall. I actually do hope they go back to discussing problems as far back as season 6, because some of their major problems stem from them. (I don’t mean the issue of children, but the issue of how stubborn each of them are to really try and understand and support what the other wants. Which further goes on into season 7 when Arizona pushed Callie into trying to love the idea of Africa and Callie obviously showing her unhappiness in going.) I think this first episode in S11 will, hopefully, show them two actually working out these problems, discussing them, instead of Arizona giving a 30 second speech or Callie doing that emotional thing with her eyes. Even if it takes a few episodes, I’m glad Shonda seems to be getting their heavy problems out of the way as soon as possible instead of dragging it out.